About the Fund


Managing your super effectively improves your financial security when you retire.

The NZAS Retirement Fund (the "Fund") is an employer-sponsored superannuation fund established especially for employees of New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited and Pacific Aluminium (New Zealand) Limited.

The purpose of the Fund is to help you save for your retirement. 

The main features of the Fund are as follows:

  • If you are a subsidised member, generous employer contributions - 10% of your base salary plus 5% of any lump sum bonus (less contribution tax as applicable in each case).
  • Your choice of one or more of four investment options - Cash, Conservative, Balanced and Growth.
  • Your choice of three insurance levels - basic, medium and top - payable on your death or leaving service as a result of total disablement or ill-health prior to age 65.
  • Low fees - administration fees are paid by your employer and you pay only investment fees (which are deducted from the Fund's investment earnings) and insurance charges (applicable to subsidised members only).
  • Immediate full vesting - 100% of your employer's after-tax contribution plus investment earnings paid into your standard (unlocked) accounts is payable on leaving service or reaching age 65, irrespective of your period of Fund membership or service with your employer.
  • Subject to certain conditions, the option on leaving service to have your benefit, or part of your benefit, transferred to a retirement account in your name in the Fund.

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For more information about the Fund, read the Product Disclosure Statement and visit the Documents page and the Companies Office Disclose Register.

If you need an explanation of superannuation and investment-related words and phrases used in this website, please refer to our Glossary.